We help our customers save time & money with easy-to-use solutions for the transportation and workshop industries
All-in-one Fleet & Service Management
QR Code
Scan the QR code for immediate access to service history, reports, and registration documents
Customize modules as needed and share the information via QR code
Show registration documents for non-registered users - useful for controls
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Service Maps
We offer integrations to many systems. See all your equipment on the same map.
Module lists all equipments, assessing for service needs or damaged parts
We offer a comprehensive list with the necessary information on all equipment that requires service
Equipment Overview
Helps to ensure that your equipment is always in good condition and ready for use
Create and customize templates for specific equipment
Scheduled maintenance reminders and alerts for equipment
More Features:
Damage reports and tire reports adapted as needed from hundreds of different templates
Shift & Jobs
Create shifts and assignments for efficient resource management, with live driver location previews on a map
Document Management
Maintain control over crucial documents, including calibration certificates and vehicle licenses
Workshop Booking
Connect to your nearest or selected workshops and simplify the workshop booking process
Yard Management
Optimize the movement and storage of trailers and other equipment in the yard, facility or distribution centres
Fleet Management
Maximise efficiency, reduce costs and ensure compliance with regulations

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